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Overseas Services

We will suggest the customers contact us through the e mail system or some phone apps such as Line, QQ, We Chat, or submit the online inquiry form to us, basically tell us the surgery needs and information the customers would like to know, leave us the information about your questions about the surgery, the date of surgery the customer like to set up, and also attatch the related pictures, also give us your personal information and contact information, fabulous clinic will have customer service to contact the customer and assist he or she on the information about cost and offer information about procedures of the surgery !
▪ Service mail box:service@facharming.com
▪ Line:@facharming
▪ QQ:1545851132
▪ WeChat:fabulous-clinic
▪ Online inquiry:/contact/


After doctor checks up the customers surgery needs and about surgery items, our customer service will arrange an appointment for the customer with the doctor also arrange the surgery date, we will also provide the bank information about remittance account number,etc. The customer needs to pay the doposit and after, the clinic will book the surgery date for the customer, and arrange related follow ups, the customer also need to pay the rest amount before or on the surgery date, it can be paid by cash or credit card, the exchange rate of expense converts will be based on the trade of the date Taiwanese bank sues!


About the deposit

Our clinic accept NTD payment, also accept over seas wire transfer, the exchange rate of expense converts will be based on the trade of the date Taiwanese bank sues!
If you need to know about the wire transfer information, the customer can contact us at service@facharming.com

Note:The Taiwanese banks are off service on national holidays.




When the clinic confirms the payment be deposited, the customer service will contact you through some phone apps such as Line, We Chat, we want to double check about the deposited amount, after this, the customer service will arrange an appointment and the surgery date.


Nose surgery and stay

We need to set up the appointment for the customer with doctor and have an check up with the doctor before the surgery, and also the doctor will remove the stop bleeding cotton on the third day after surgery, removes the nose plank and removes stitches on the seventh day after surgery. We recommend the customers stay in Taiwan for 7-8 days after the surgery for better recovery, and if the customer chooses to remove nose plank and removes stitches back to his or her own country, the we recommend his or her own stay in Taiwan will be 3 to 4 days at least.

When the customer arrives in Taiwan, the customer service will give the information about the appointment date and the customer has to come in to the clinic to discuss with the doctor about the surgery, our medical staff will do the blood test and tell the customer the surgery must know.


Transportation information

※【Kaohsiung】Please click the link ※
※【Taipei】 Please click the link ※



Royal Group Hotel & Motel (Zhongshan Branch)


Royal Group Hotel & Motel (Station Front Branch1)


Royal Group Hotel & Motel (Houyi Branch)


Royal Group Hotel & Motel (Boai Branch)


Royal Group Hotel & Motel (Central Park Branch)


Royal Group Hotel & Motel (Ming Hua Branch)


H2O Hotel 









▪ No food at all 8 hours before the surgery. (including water) 

▪ Please stop taking cold medicine, hormone pills and all kinds tonics a week before the surgery, the customer should tell the medical staff the side effects of the meds the customer is taking now and must take meds to prevent some risk.

▪ The customer should tell the doctor if he or she is getting heavy cold or something’s wrong with breath system before the surgery, the doctor will check with the customer to see If the surgery needs to be postponed.

▪ If the customer has some disease such as anemic, the obstacle of blood olidifies, Hepatitis, tubercle, asthma, heart attack history, diabetes, mentally ill, the customers should provide hospitalized records, and previous surgery history, meds allergy and the meds he or she is taking now to our medical staff.

▪ Please stop smoking or drinking before and after the surgery, the customer can work and rest as usual after the surgery, it will help the recovery after the surgery. 


The customer must come back to the clinic for check up by the scheduled date after the surgery, if the customer has any problems, we suggest he or she contacts our medical staff right away.



The clinic will help the customer get the proof of identification to the custom if needed when he or she is ready to be home.
The customer can contact the clinic through E-mail system, Line, QQ and We Chat if he or she has any questions about the after surgery care after returning home,The clinic mecial staff would like to help you about it.